Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Classic Film: Stolen Scenes

Here is another Snape-tastic quilting project.

This is a pattern called Classic Film, available from the Sewhooked shop.

You start with five 5-1/2" quilt blocks of your choosing and create a film fragment, complete with fabric sprocket holes! I loved this pattern from the first time I saw it and I finally got around to making myself a version. A Snapey version.

I printed five scenes from the Harry Potter films. I found high-resolution screenshots and promotional shots of all the scenes I wanted included and printed them on Avery fusible inkjet-printable fabric. (I didn't notice that it was fusible when I bought it, so I ended up fusing the blocks to muslin before sewing this together.) Top to bottom, we have Snape's office, Cokeworth, the potions lab, the parlour at Spinner's End, and another office-arches shot. Can I say again that the one person I would like to meet from the HP films (well, besides the obvious one) is Stuart Craig?  I mean, come on. How can one dude so perfectly capture what millions of readers, and the author herself, were envisioning? I know he had scores and scores of people to execute his vision, but they certainly picked the right production designer for these films.

Here is the top, pre-quilting:

A bit bunchy in places because this was my first strip-piecing project and I got the length wrong on the rectangle strips.

Here is a closeup of that fabric. I didn't intend to buy any fabric for this project, but I saw this FQ and had to have it. You know how it goes. It reminds me of the melty, splotchy flickers on the screen when a filmstrip corrodes and breaks while it's still projecting.

And here, against my better judgement, is a closeup of the minimal quilting I did on the finished piece. I attempted to stitch-in-the-ditch. About a 60% success rate.

Here is the embroidered (tiny) label/rod pocket:

The finished piece is now hanging in my sewing nook, which has nearly zero wallspace left! So many HP crafts, so little space...