Monday, March 11, 2013

Fabulous Fandom Mashup Embroidery

When Jen posed a mashup challenge to all of us Fandom in Stitchers, I knew what I had to do!

I ended up winning the challenge! :D

Here is my initial sketch, done of the scrap of paper where I printed off the description of the sitting room at Spinner's End from HBP:

 photo spinnerssketch_zpsa110b498.jpg

I ran out of time to do the Oriental rug, but overall I think I got the gist of it. Originally there was to be a certain Professor's wand and a cup of tea on the "rickety table," but the sonic screwdriver got left there instead.

Here is an action shot of the Work in Progress:

 photo spinnersendIP_zpscbf718a4.jpg

I used tissue paper transfer to get Soma's wonderful TARDIS pattern just right, as well as the shape of the chair. Everything else I freehanded with chalk.

And do you wanna see the back? It's a hot mess!

And a few closeups, as requested by the fabulous Soma herself:

 photo spinnersend6_zpsd674851c.jpg

The Sonic Screwdriver is simply 1 bugle bead and 2 seed beads!

Safe to say I ran out of blue floss after the TARDIS was done.

 photo spinnersend5_zps5f07e35c.jpg

Here is the Professor's threadbare chair, worked in satin, chain, and bullion stitch.

 photo spinnersend4_zps51734883.jpg

And here is the "candle-filled lamp" as I saw it in my head.

Thank you, as always, to Jennifer at FiS for motivating us all to make our fandom daydreams come to life!