Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wait...doesn't this blog belong to a Hufflepuff?

Yes, but, it's healthy to explore our darker sides every now and then, right?

First, a Slytherin-themed stencilled tee:

From a Tom Felton quote. I resized Jen's Slytherin Crest to about 5 inches and used the Windows font 'Blackadder' for the text.

And then I had this:

An actual motivational relic from 1996. But it's got really nice graph paper inside, and it was green and black, so I had to reformat it to Slytherin specs.

I spend way too much time on the Cheezburger network. I am easily amused. One of my stops on the Cheezburger train is Very Demotivational. This is where people take the signature black border/white text (see photo above) and insert LOLs with funny capshunz. So I had to change this notebook to a demotivational, toungue-in-cheek, Slytherin 'artwork'.

I browsed BrainyQuote (a slight misnomer, considering the site contains quotes from such illustrious luminaries as Jay-Z and Paris Hilton) for quotes related to opportunity, and found the perfect one from George Eliot. Then I browsed my collection of Dover images for clipart and grabbed some elements off the web (Salazar's locket, a Slytherin house tie, a crest), and printed them all on parchment printer paper. I cut them out with my trusty XActo and proceeded to Podge!

When decoupaging, I thin my ModPodge with a bit of water and apply the goop all the way to the edges of the piece using a foam brush. I always work on wax paper, bringing a few sheets to my work area so I can have a fresh surface when the decoupage medium gets messy. Any excess medium that oozes out the edges can be wiped away after you position the piece on your surface.

And that's it! Now I can draft patterns and sketch layouts to my heart's content, all the while being demotivated!


  1. Hee... those are both pretty awesome.

    1. Thank ya! My silliness knows no bounds.

  2. Cool stuff, but, we're more a Gryffindor family. I gotta get back to work on my Harry Potter quilts soon.

  3. Absolutely wonderful! I do love that Blackadder font. It's one of my favorites. The decoupaging is deliciously ironic!

    1. Thank you! To paraphrase, 'No decoupage without irony!'