Monday, October 29, 2012

Hufflepuff Charm Bracelet, and a Wand Charm How-To

When it rains....

Here's another recently finished project.

I LOVE charm bracelets. Here's one that's inspired by the storyscape inside my head, but I'll try to explain it the best I can. :)

Obviously, it's HuffliePufflie. Black and yellow beads throughout. Glass and stone both. The black hearts are hematite, one of my favourite stones.

I have a story going in my mind (I hesitate to call it fanfic because of what's been associated with the genre as of late, but that's what it is. Purely prudish, I swear.) Keys are a big theme in my story, figuratively and literally, so I've been accumulating key charms for awhile, anticipating assembling this bracelet. Plus, I LOVE keys. I've gotten some beautiful key charms from friends recently, so those went into the bracelet as well.

The character in my story is an avid embroideress with a sweet tooth, so there are golden embroidery scissors and a wrapped candy (the only pre-made charm on this bracelet).

Obviously again, it Snape-tastic. Potion bottles filled with glitter Veritaserum and Draught of Living Death. There is a polymer-clay bit of "parchment", for which I used Premo! Granite Grey and a rubber stamp with calligraphy. In the middle of the bracelet is a polymer-clay wand charm, which is quite quick and fun to make:

You'll need polymer clay in your wand colour of choice and an eyepin in your wand length of choice.

Roll out the polymer thinly (sorry I have no measurements, but you'll be wrapping this around wire, if that gives an idea of how thin to go).

Cut a rectangle large enough to accommodate the length of the eyepin, and place the eyepin at one end with the eye hanging off the edge:

Roll up the clay, trimming so that you get a butted edge where the clay joins. Smooth the joint and roll the wand until you have the diameter and tapering you want. You may need to trim some off the end and re-roll to get the desired thickness.

Add embellishments and bake! Not for too long, though. These are tiny.

That's it! This bracelet was one of my 12-for-2012 projects, and am I glad it's finally done!


  1. This looks great, Aalia :D

  2. Thank ya! It's in tomorrow's TTMT. :)

  3. You have many talents, dear Aalia! This is absolutely gorgeous :)
    Hematite is one of my favorite stones too, other one is garnet.

    1. Thank you Soma! too, I love garnet!

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