Monday, October 29, 2012

Prisoner of Azkaban Swap

Here we are with a long-overdue post about some swap items I made (and received!) with a Prisoner of Azkaban theme. These are from the last swap over at Yahoo! Harry Potter Crafts.

My swap partner is a Sirius fan, so I Sirius-ified my theme. :)

Here is what I packaged everything in...a tote swiped from the prison itself!

It's a basic lined tote bag, made in a denim chambray and freezer-paper stencilled with basic white DecoArt So Soft fabric paint. I used a stencil font and, of course, runes (which don't mean anything in the order that I chose...I just liked the way they looked). Along with the year Azkaban was founded, 1717.

Inside the bag were a few boxes; some special packaging for the smaller swap goodies:

PoA Swap Packaging

I designed the labels in Inkscape, using Victorian scrolls I found online and fun type from Dafont.

Inside the Grim box, there was a grim teacup pincusion:

The Grim Teacup
The Grim Tealeaves

The Grim tealeaves are worked in french knots, 3 shades of brown. The pincushion part is a lining fabric backed with muslin and is stuffed with wool roving. The teacup I found in my local antique shop.

And inside the 'Whittemore and Prothero' box (a fictional jeweller I thought sounded Diagon-Alley-ish), there was a Sirius-themed charm necklace:

PoA Charms
PoA Charm Necklace

The quote is from Sirius in PoA, the potion is Wartcap Powder which was found at Grimmauld Place. The clock face and keys represent the time Sirius lost in Azkaban. The potion bottle label is a small printout of this label on DeviantArt. applied with Modpodge and sealed with clear nail varnish. The quote pendant is a glass dome in a setting. My next post will be a brief tutorial of how I figured out how to do this, since I oddly couldn't find any tutorials online.

And last of all, was a wallhanging made from patterns available at Fandom in Stitches:

The Knight Bus in Transit

How much fun!


  1. Oh how cute! What a great job you did. One of these days, if I ever find some time, I want to do one of the swaps.

    1. Thank you! The swaps are so very fun, I hope you find time to do one!